Awaken Body and Soul with Ki Chun

Ki Chun is a traditional martial art which strengthens the body and mind. It’s origins trace back to the Koguryeo and Kochosun Dynasties. Duing the Koguryeo (BC 239 – AD 668) and Kochosun (BC 2333 – BC 238) dynasties, Ki Cheon was an essential part of the education of young elites who became the leaders of the Korean people.


Through training in Ki Chun, those young elites became men with wisdom and physical strength and became political and military leaders of Korea. With these highly educated leader groups, our ancestors were able to enjoy life with the philosophy of “Hong Ik In Gan” which was and has been the essence of the Korean spirit. Hong Ik In Gan basically means “devotion to the welfare of mankind.” It has been the national ideal since the Bae Dal dynasty (BC 3897-BC 2332). Under the strong political influence of Confucian Idealists during the Chosun Dynasty (AD 1392 – AD 1910), the tradition and its foundation ideology had been weakened and almost forgotten by the public. However, the spirit of Ki Chun and training in its practices was handed down from a few Jikimis (keepers) to later generations of Jikimis.

For new students, Ki Chun focuses on physical strengthening by Dahn Bae Gong, and Nae Ga Shin Jang – based on the YeokGeun principle. This physical training enables the circulation of Ki in the body through the meridian system. With an increasing level of learning through practicing a series of physical skills, trainees become able to express their souls by spontaneous physical motions called “Ki Cheon Moo” (Dance of Ki Chun).

Ki Chun increases the body’s immunity and the resilience of mind. Ki Chun can be regarded as a form of Gigong – as it emphasizes the accumulation and appropriate use of Ki. Moreover, Ki Chun is a method of meditation based on attention to the breath and the movement of the body. At later stages, Ki Chun pursues the liberation of the soul through a life long practice.

Grandmaster Park has long studied Ki Chun, and now offers a weekly class for students who wish to incorporate additional mental and physical training to their regular daily exercise. For new students, Ki Chun is a low impact strength building routine that shares as much with Tae Kwon Do as it does other martial forms like Yoga, or Tai Chi. As a uniquely Korean martial form, having the opportunity to practice under Grand Master Park is a rare opportunity in Canada – as there are very few practitioners with his level of expertise, and careful guidance.