Master Park
Grandmaster Park is an 8th Dan master in the Art of Tae Kwon Do, and has been training for over 50 years. A native of Korea, Master Park has operated schools in Edmonton since the 70's.

Grand Master Hong Park – 8th Dan is a native of Korea with over 40 years Taekwondo experience. He believes strongly in the power of Taekwondo to help all kinds of people feel better about themselves and improve their lifestyles. Master Park has made several spectacular accomplishments in creating awareness of the art in Canada and in the United States. He has been well honored for his efforts by the World Taekwondo Federation, several organizations and schools, and even the Prime Minister!


“If there would be constant application and industry, with patience and modesty, then nothing is impossible”

-Master Hong Park

Master Darryl Baldock (4th Dan)

Master Darryl Baldock – 4th Dan

Mr. Solomon Park (4th Dan)

Mr. Solomon Park – 4th Dan

Patrick Gallagher – 4th Dan

Jared Norton – 2nd Dan

Tara Kapoor – 2nd Dan

Hans Casana- 3rd Dan

Tea Lewis – 2nd Dan