Things to Consider when choosing a Martial Arts School

For many years many people have benefitted from martial arts training. Training in the martial arts helps us to maintain a healthier body with many benefits including improved cardiovascular abilities, better flexibility, a higher endurance level, and even improved muscle tone. Martial arts training also allows us to improve our life by improving our self-confidence and self-respect. Not only do we learn to respect others and ourselves but we also learn self-control and how to better direct our energy. We see many benefits realized through our children as they begin to learn a martial art. As their self-esteem improves they begin to challenge themselves to excel in school and in other extracurricular activities. Behavior improves and they learn to focus and improve their attention spans. Many martial arts schools are filled with children for these very reasons.

Lobby and Viewing Area

The Spacious and Inviting viewing gallery is our lobby, and entrance to the training floor. Students have full locker rooms to change, as well as lockers that can be used to hold items during class time.

However, these above-mentioned benefits do not come easily. To achieve these goals involves great dedication and determination. Masters and instructors must constantly review their teaching methods to make sure that they can create a caring atmosphere in which students feel encouraged to try their best. Safety must also be a major concern and many schools have several safety regulations in place to protect the students from injury. When an instructor corrects a student it must be done in a positive way to help encourage that student to keep trying their best. When instructors and Masters teach manners and respect they should be shining examples to the students of the proper way to behave inside and outside of the training hall. Today there are many young black belts that are eager to teach and open their own schools. It is a good idea to find out if they are involved in a reputable association and if they are still training under their Master. The martial arts involve such a high degree of mental and physical training that it is very important to be careful when choosing a martial arts school.

A qualified Master should have many years of teaching experience with a good reputation. Sometimes this means driving a little further or paying a little more but the benefits received will more than compensate you for the inconvenience. When you are choosing a martial arts school you are essentially choosing a Master. As the Master is responsible for the philosophies by which the school operates, this reflects on how the instructors teach and how the students learn.

One of the largest martial arts training floors in Canada

Hong Park Tae Kwon Do College teaches traditional Tae Kwon Do which helps to develop physical and mental well being. At the Hong Park Tae Kwon Do College we are committed to building Self-Esteem, Confidence, Discipline, Positive Attitudes, and Values through a philosophy of positive reinforcement. Our method of training promotes the desire to learn, improves effort, motivation, concentration, self-discipline, and instills respect.

Our children’s programs are second to none and can give your child the confidence and respect to make the right decisions in today’s world. We help arm children with life skills that they can carry into every part of their lives. All of our instructors have been hand picked by Master Park and have completed a rigorous and lengthy training program designed to provide the best quality instruction available. They are required to continue their training so that they may continue to update their skills and continuously improve the quality of their instruction. Master Hong Park is a seventh degree black belt with over thirty years of full time martial arts experience. Master Park believes firmly in the power of Tae Kwon Do to help people improve their lifestyles.

Master Park is also continuing his training and has been certified by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation as an “Instructor in excellent standing.” At the Hong Park Tae Kwon Do College we offer an atmosphere of strong positive reinforcement. We care about each and every one of our students and our instructors are always willing to lend a helping hand. Wouldn’t you or your children prefer to learn a martial art in a warm and caring atmosphere where positive reinforcement and encouragement is used to help you achieve your goals?