Here is your basic terminology. In the drop-down menu you will also find pages for counting in Korean, as well as hand and foot techniques.

Kwan Jang Nim – Master

Sabum Nim – Instructor

Bu Sabum Nim – Assistant Instructor

Do Bok – Your Tae Kwon Do uniform.

Do Jang – The classroom or workout area.

Charyot – Attention – bring feet together (left to right), bring hands to sides.

Kyung yea – Bow – stand straight, feet together, hands flat on sides of thighs, bend forward at waist 45 degrees. Bow when entering or exiting the Do-Jang and upon greeting Master Park, black belts, and senior belts.

Joon Bi – Ready position – left leg moves shoulder width apart, fists drawn up & thrust forward in front of belt

Si Jak – Begin

Keuman – Finish – Return to Joon Bi position.

Muksang – Meditation – Sit cross legged, hands on knees, and concentrate on clearing your mind to be ready for class.

Poomse – Set pattern of blocks, kicks, punches, and stances.

Ho Sin Sul – Self Defense training in a controlled setting. Training is in the form of “street” situations.

Kyoroogi – Sparring

Kyuk pa – Breaking

Gukki – Flag

Taegukki – Korean Flag