How to Motivate your children using the concept of Stacking

Bobby loves his classes once he’s at them. After class he’s talking about how great it was and he always leaves with a big smile on his face. But sometimes I have a hard time getting him to his classes. Bobby watches TV., or a friend asks him to play, or he’s in the middle of a game and he gives me hassles about coming to class.

Does this sound familiar? If it does , you are not alone. This is called “Present Oriented” and it’s typical in young children. They don’t want to break away from what they’re doing even though you know they’ll enjoy, or should do, what you’re taking them to. They haven’t learned the concept of “Stacking”.

Can you build a castle or high tower if you have many blocks? Yes, because blocks are stackable items. Now, how high of a tower can you build with say baseballs. Not very high… because these items are not stackable, no matter how hard you try these items just don’t stack up.

If you watch TV. what does it do for you tomorrow? What does it stack up to? Does it earn you better grades? Money? What does it do for you in a week, month, a year? Nothing that’s because it is a “non-stackable” activity. The same with Nintendo, etc. What do you get tomorrow from Homework? What does it stack up to? You learn important things. It gets you good grades, it makes parents and teachers and yourself happy. You get into advanced classes. Choose the school you wish to go to. Choose the subjects you want to. Have the career you want. Have the money you want to do the things you want. The same thing applies for music lessons, chores, and taekwondo classes.

Once this idea is given to your child it is easy to decide which items are stackable and which are not. Stackable items usually need to be done at, or by certain times. Homework is due by a certain day, chores need to be done on Sunday mornings and Taekwondo classes are Monday and Wednesday at 4:15.

“Non-stackable” items can be done at any time. There’s not a time you have to watch TV. or play Pokemon games. The hard and fast rule is a “non-stackable” activity cannot replace a stackable one. You don’t watch TV. during homework time and Bobby can’t play with his friends during Tae Kwon Do Class time.

Explaining this concept to your children will help them understand setting goals and achieving them is a part of their life. You help them to learn to become better people through the support and encouragement you show them in achieving these goals. It is your job to support and help enforce you child’s goals and the tasks required to achieve them.