Kids you may want your parents to help you with this.

What is your goal in life and how will your Tae Kwon Do training affect it?

Plan to spend an hour or so learning what you expect to be and do and share and see and create. It can be some off the most valuable time you spend. You are going to set your goals and the determine the outcomes. You are going to make a map of the road you will travel in your life. Plan out where you would like to go and how you expect to get there. There is no need to set limits on your goals. There are no limits to outcomes available to you. Limited goals mean limited lives. You must decide what you want, because that is the only way you can expect to get it. Follow these rules for goal setting to formulate your goals outcome.

State your outcome in positive terms.

  • Say what you want to happen not what you do not want to happen.
  • Be as specific as possible.
  • The closer you are to feeling it the closer you are to creating a strong desire to accomplish you goals.

Be in control.

  • Your outcome is initiated and maintained by you. It must not be dependent on other people having to change themselves for you to be happy.
  • Make sure your outcome reflects things that you can affect directly.

Verify that your outcome is ecologically sound and desirable.

  • Project into the future the consequences of your actual goal. Your outcome must be one that benefits you and other people.

Knowing what you want determines what you will get.
Before something happens in the world it must first happen in your mind. An internal representation of your goal will program your mind and body to achieve that goal.