Some Day Your Child Will Be a Black Belt.

It has been a rough day. You’re exhausted, it’s raining and you still have to take your child to tae kwon do class. A fleeting thought of skipping class enters your mind , but you know attendance is very important. You pause a moment, take a breath, exhale and move on. ” Do you have everything for class? ” you ask. “Ok let’s go.” you say as you grab the keys to the car. You open the door and the crackling sound of thunder fills the air and the rain pushes down even harder. Umbrella in hand you’re off and running. Why? Because someday your child will be a Black Belt.

Your child has been training in the martial arts for a while now. From that first day of class, you have seen excitement and motivation in his or her eyes. But lately you notice a change. Your child’s interest doesn’t appear as strong. As a concerned parent, you give that extra little push that children often need. ” Let me see that new technique you learned yesterday?” you ask “Wow that’s great!” You think to yourself: “My child has really come a long way since that first class.” After speaking with the Instructor you learn that all students experience peaks and valleys in learning, which can momentarily affect motivation levels. These shifts in motivation occur from time to time and are a natural part of training. So at this important crossroads in your child’s training you encourage and support regular class attendance. Why? Because someday you child will be a Black Belt.

Along the road to success, there are many hills and valleys. At school, it takes a team effort of instructor and parents to motivate and re – motivate children to give them the support they require on their road to black belt. During this journey, your children’s character becomes stronger and their development as martial artists progresses as they demonstrate qualities of perseverance and commitment. Parents are often the unsung heroes in the martial arts; they remain in the shadows, all while making it possible for their children to have an edge in life. You should know that your role as a parent is appreciated. And with every kick, punch and KiYup, your children move closer to achieving their goals. You play an integral role in the re – motivation process – by your own perseverance and dedication. You are doing the best for your children. Why? Some day your child will be a Black belt and it will be worth it!!!!